Our Mission

ULIP brings a unique methodology and collection of resources to its pursuit of creating mobile apps across disciplines and subject areas.

We seek to maintain an environment that encourages the exchange of information and ideas that lead to the development of a suite of the mobile apps that are of high functionality and pedagogical value. ULP’s specific mission is to:

Support the strengthening of higher education institutions by fostering an awareness of the educational possibilities recent mobile technologies present, and facilitating the incorporation of ubiquitous learning and pedagogy into teaching and learning practices;

Create a teacher-friendly infrastructure with tech, design, and instructional design expertise for designing and implementing attractive, rich educational experiences in a medium ideally suited for today’s students;

Freely disseminate educational applications, their source code for others to adapt, and corresponding pedagogical strategies, benefiting the larger higher education system and facilitating educational knowledge transfer among institutions;

Facilitate the study of these new approaches to learning, leading to publications in the scholarship of teaching.

Our aims and Objectives

Our Aims

Our Objectives

Identifying the most difficult pedagogical problems teachers and students face;

Foster an awareness of the educational possibilities recent mobile technologies present, principally through demonstrations;

Lowering the students’ resistance in facing up to these problems through structured mobile applications and corresponding pedagogical approaches to overcome these problems, and

Create a teacher-friendly infrastructure for designing and implementing attractive, rich educational experiences via mobile applications, and to;

Enabling the use of technology to disseminate information in efficient, content-specific formats, running on devices students habitually carry with them – ubiquitous learning.

Encourage faculty members to take their first step towards this form of blended learning, tailor-made for their subjects, their students, and their teaching style.

Expected outcomes

We aim to improve student learning by focusing on the following aspects:

Development of quality, structured, stand-alone or free educational applications for mobile devices, disseminated via the App Store, Google Play, web sites, etc. and thus easily evaluated with specified learning outcomes.

An increased awareness and practice, UGC-wide, of the possibilities of such applications along with new paradigms of pedagogy used to incorporate them, and how they can free up class time for development of higher-level skills.

Improved and more enjoyable student learning.

Having an infrastructure in place for the continued design of more apps, and the free exchange of code so that successful apps can be easily modified for other courses.

Person-to-person exchanges/demonstrations as well as websites and conferences detailing the successful combinations of mobile apps and integrated pedagogy to help inspire and transfer the approach to a continuing number of lecturers.

Contributions to the scholarship of teaching.