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Date Category Title
2016-08 WOWNEWS (Quarterly Newsletter for Universities by QS Asia) Leveraging mobile solutions to take learning beyond the classroom
2016-07 HKBU Horizons / 2015-16 Issue 3 Ubiquitous learning apps
2016-05 信報財經新聞
Hong Kong Economic Journal
2016-03 HKBU Horizons / 2015-16 Issue 2 Paper on ubiquitous learning mobile app awarded
2016-03 HKBU Staff Newsletter
Harnessing Technology for Next Generation Learning – Ubiquitous Learning and Integrated Pedagogy
2016-01 HKBU eNews Cross disciplinary team wins international award for paper on ubiquitous learning mobile app 浸大團隊研「遍存學習」手機應用程式論文奪國際獎
2016-01 Press Release Ronnie H. Shroff, Christopher Keyes, and Warren Linger—Winner of the International Award for Excellence for Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal, Volume 8. Common Ground Publishing